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Last update : 9 Oct ( send me pm if it's outdated ! )

1.31 Version:
- fixed the problem that SF would crash in some special network situation.
- PS: to fix that problem, SF 1.31 cannot connect previews version. and because of the crash of SF 1.2X, please use SF 1.31. sorry for making it inconvenient and thank you for your support.

1.203 Version:
- fixed the problem that when you try to play a map in offline mode, the sc2 client of TW and EU would give the warning about authentication.

1.202 Version:
- "IP of my server" button would set port according to the port you open server instead of always set to 1119.
- the description of using SF to play sc2 in offline mode would be displayed directly on SF GUI instead of being displayed after move cursor over something.
- fix one wrong use of Polish.
- improved the judgement of the map mode(player count). but even after that improvement, some maps still cannot be judged correctly. so we add a function to force the game to start by input "/gg" in game lobby. please confirm the current game mode(player count) you chose is supported by your map, otherwise game would crash after loading map.

1.201 Version:
- compared with SF 1.20, SF 1.201 just add a function about single mode. you can play custom maps or watch replays downloaded from official BN in offline mode. see the "Tips" tab for details. SF 1.201 and 1.20 can connect with each other.

1.20 Version:
- fix the bug of function about WAN IP.
- support sc2 1.4.4 including "Unlimited channel message" function in official BN.
- fix the bug of "visible creep tumor" in replaced map. For fixing that, the replace map function change its pattern. then now we replace normal battle map by replacing four 2/4/6/8P map and replace custom map by replacing Burning Tide and Aiur Chef.
- fix the function of breaking news and homepage in sc2.
- fix some wrong use of Germany and Catalan.
- because 1.4.4 has minor update on 1.4.3, so in SF, we still called the server version and client version as 1.4.3. but because of the fix of replace map function and the change of SF game folder structure, SF will use folder Base10094 and version 1.20 SF cannot connected with older version of SF.

1.10 Version:
- modified the New Balance of the recent change of BN. so that SF would use Base10093 folder and 1.01 cannot connect with old version including 1.00 and the version number jump to 1.10
- if your sc2 is in "X:\Program Files (x86)", SF would give a warning because "X:\Program Files (x86)" is a special folder differ from other folders so that it need some special privileges or settings to access folders in it. so SF has high possibility that cannot access sc2 folder in "X:\Program Files (x86)".
- add the language of Hungarian for SF GUI. also fix some usage of Spanish.
- sometimes I will push dedicated server list to user. but it should not delete or change the server added by users. if you meet some error about that function, please tell me.
- when use SF to start sc2 game, SF will give warning if the sc2 disk free space is less than 500M.
- from the Multitasking_Trainer_v0.95.SC2Map requested by a user, we found a problem adding map with the only language enGB, we fixed it and you can create Aiur Chef to replace that map to play.(you cannot create 2P map to play it because this map is a single user map).

1.00 Version:
- added a button to clean log (only) in GUI but not in log file.
- fix the bug that if guest enter the game lobby after the host change the game mode to FFA, he cannot see that change.
- if user cannot login to SF server because of the 2 reasons of server/client version mismatch or too high latency, the returned dialog would display corresponding reason.
- change the filename of the maps in "ReplaceMap" folder to their map names.

0.99 Version:
- fix wrong use of Czech about the abbreviation of user count..
- added the language of Serbian.
- if you add a replaced map that have dependency on some Mod, we will add a symbol like "file:Mods\SC1mod.SC2Mod" after its map name. you should create "Aiur Chef" to use them after you put the Mod file such as SC1mod.SC2Mod to the location of "sc2_folder\Mods\".

0.985 Version:
- SF will warn you if SF folder include sc2 folder or vice versa, you can move SF to another place to make them independent to avoid some problem.
- fix some wrong use of Czetch.
- there will be some inform about map list parsing after you login to the game, you can click "multi-player" button or accept invitation after you got the inform of parsing finished.
- in previews version, when you replace some maps and start game, it will be a black screen and then say unable to load map, we improved that situation and if you still meet some maps like that, tell me and we will check that map. because we improve that problem, we give some maps for users to play. you can replace those maps to play.
- fix the warning when the game mode exceed limit of the replaced map, which was wrongly warned to you saying create Aiur Chef to start game.
- thanks to user Clonest, he mentioned the "Starcraft: Episode" which use SC1mod.SC2Mod to play in sc2 and request us to make SF play with it. from that we can improve the 4th problem.

0.98 Version:
- fix the function of getting WAN ip.
- fix some wrong use of Turkish.
- fix a bug in 0.97 that make SF running not so stable on dedicated server.

0.97 Version:
- fix some wrong use of Turkish, Greek and Czech.
- the replaced map change back to 4 maps and now we do not use Aiur Chef. because those 4 maps now support "Liberty (Campaign) Mod".
- if there is some description for player count for a map such as 1v1 in map file, SF can limit the player count to avoid crash before start game. but many custom map do not have description for player count, so please control the player count manually, otherwise the game will crash after the map loading.
- fix the bug that in 0.96 if the user is not the host, he will meet problem when replacing custom map.
- fix some program error to make SF more stable.
- fix a bug that would lead to display a warning saying game time expired when playing in version 1.3.6-1.4.2
- because in 0.95 the folder Base10091 made by SF has some problem so from this version SF would use folder Base10092 to play 1.4.3
- when you are player 2 to player 8(besides host and OB), long name would lead you unable to login. so when you are player 2 to player 8, SF would automatically truncate your name to 12 english char or 4 chinese char. host and OB still have the name length of 18 english char or 6 chinese char.

0.96 Version:
- fix some wrong use of Greek and Czech.
- the replaced map change back to 4 maps and now we do not use Aiur Chef. because those 4 maps now support "Liberty (Campaign) Mod". (PS: we also find there is still a Mod called "Liberty Story (Campaign) Mod"
- if there is some description for player count for a map such as 1v1 in map file, SF can limit the player count to avoid crash before start game. but many custom map do not have description for player count, so please control the player count manually, otherwise the game will crash after the map loading.

0.951 Version:
- added a custom replaced map "Burning Tide", you can use it like "Aiur Chef". in this map, the team are automatica, for example, if only 2 user in game, then it will be 1v1, if 3 user in game, it will be 1/2P vs 3P.
- fix some wrong use of Greek.
- we also try to find some better method to let users get maps easily.

0.95 Version:
- you can see minimap preview in replace map list.
- fix the bug that auto search sc2 path fron registry cannot save in config.ini.
- fix some wrong use of Portuguese.
- support some custom map by replacing map "Aiur Chef". we tested some maps but not all, so if you meet some problem in replacing custom map, please reply in the StarFriend Maps subforum and we will have a look at that map.
- the official custom map "Starcraft Master" is not supported yet, still research it.

0.94 Version:
- those maps without english information file can be added in SF.
- fix wrong use of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish each.
- if those maps added before do NOT exist in its location now, SF will display "Not Found" in remarks of map list.
- SF will give the warning "current map NOT set by host" if the host create a replace map game lobby buy do not set the replace map
- add the missing data file to support 1.3.6-1.4.2.

0.93 Version:
- fix a series bug in 0.92
- fix some wrong use of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish.
- use blue text to show UDP port warning.

0.92 Version:
- those maps without english information file can be added in SF.
- fix wrong use of Russian, Ukrainian and Polish each.
- if those maps added before do NOT exist in its location now, SF will display "Not Found" in remarks of map list.
- SF will give the warning "current map NOT set by host" if the host create a replace map game lobby buy do not set the replace map.
- add the missing data file to support 1.3.6-1.4.2.

0.91 Version:
- tried some methode to make SF more table and add more log output when SF has error.
- fix 2 wrong use of Russian and Ukrainian.
-if the location of sc2 folder is empty, SF will try to get it from registry. if failed, SF will request user to input.
- we once planned to make chatroom in SF to defautly closed or even delete this function. but some day i log into the chatroom and find 7 players. and then i think, even there are few users using it, we should NOT deprive them of this function. and i also think about the support of 1.3.6-1.4.2, as the same reason, we should NOT disable it, either. the admins of the forum, the sponsors of the dedicated servers, the people who donated to us, the testers and the regular users of SF, they all make great effect to introduce new users to use SF. we can NOT make those dicision that cause the loss of the users. so we add the support of 1.3.6-1.4.2 in this version and say sorry to the users that cannot use this function at this time.
- in third tab(tip tab), there is a function make user easy to use replace map function. its main description is as follows, if you find some error or feel somewhere should be improved or somewhere should be descripted in more detail, please tell me.
- double click map item to set current map. and when entering host's game lobby, the current map would be selected according to the current map of the host.
- when entering host's game lobby or the host use "/m" to check map, if you do not have this map, SF will try to search and download the map automatically, the progress will be displayed in map list. the maximum count of the file downloading in the same time is 3. if more map is requested, it will be ignored. (if the download not start after a few seconds, it means that SF cannot find that map and you should try to get it yourself.)
- when you start game, SF will check whether current game mode exceed the limit of the map.(for example, 8 players cannot play on a 2P map.) if the mode is wrong, you can change it and try to start game again. (if you feel the judgement is wrong, please tell me and i will check it.)
- click the column header of the map list can order the list.
- we add 3 replaced map, there are totally 4 replaced map and 2P/4P/6P/8P map each. they are Novice Blistering Sands (2P)\Novice Discord IV (4P)\Colony 426 (6P)\High Ground (8P). the replaced map is no need to set, you can just select those maps to create game lobby and the replacement is automatica. the host can choose one of these maps for different need.
- the host of game lobby can use "/m" in game lobby talk to check the map status of all the users. if SF returns "checking", that means some users are downloading map or not find the map, you can use "/m" later to check again.
- when you start game, SF will check the game mode and the map status, if failed, it will give warning and not start the game.
- there are 2 situations that SF will set users' current map. (a) when user entering the game lobby but have diffent map compare with host's map. (b) when the host use "/m" to check map. so if the host change his map after the user entering the game lobby, please use "/m" to check map.
- please leave some space at the disk which SF locates, because downloading and parsing map need some space. and there are some map that cannot be added because it does not include english file about map info. we would try to fix it in next version.
- from this version, SF would use '/' instead of '\' in command, so the command is "/m" and "/gg"(used in StarJewel OB mode).
- SF 0.91 cannot connect with older version of SF.

0.90 Version:
- support 1.4.3.
- APM and mule fix of 1.4.3 are not operational.
- fix warning when on EU and zwTW.
- fix an error with the replace map function.
- fix an error on sc2 1.4.3 that not display the login screen in the internal version.

0.89 Version:
- try to improve the performantce of network and reduce lag and latency.
- while playing game, if one player has series network problem for 10 seconds, he will be disconnected from the game and the game should continue.
- fix some wrong use of Germany, English, Russian and Ukrainian.
- add a link of wiki of SF to let new users find tutorial more easily.
- add a button to quickly set the server ip to
- add the missing log of of players entering and leaving room for the ladder project of SF.
- add a file named "param_readme.txt" in SF release packet to descript the command line parameter of SF.

0.88 Version:
- some users said that the minimize function of SF is annoying. so i changed this function. when sc2 is full screen, the SF will minimize itself and when sc2 exit from full screen, SF will recover automatically. but if users minimize SF manually, it will not recover itself.
- add the language of Bulgarian and Czech. and fix some wrong use of Polish. also, if someone found some wrong use of language, please report it, some languages are translated by google.
- some user said SF give warning of "select client version" when they already selected the version and start game. this is caused by using non-admin account when UAC is on. so i make some modification and in my win7, i use non-admin account and this error is fixed when UAC is on. but still recommend to use admin account to use SF. because the non-admin case have few tests and nobody know it will lead some problems in the future.
- while playing game and the "waiting server window" appear, SF will talk to every to tell who is lagging by "SF:Waiting for username". we can use this to check whose network cause this window. if someone meet this warning very frequently
- there is bug in previous version, if you stop the server and then start the server in SF, it is likely that the UDP server(the game lobby server) will not work. so user can login to the game hall but cannot create game lobby. it is improved in this version
- try to improve the case that sometimes SF will cause high CPU usage such as 90%-100%.
- improve the function of 5-minutes self-detection of server status, it should work better.

0.87 Version:
- fix the bug that when operating on many units, the command maybe invalid or lost.
- there are some situation that TCP or UDP or both server is down, so SF itself will check both TCP and UDP status to decide whether to restart them. but if SF itself is down, you must restart SF manual.
- when start SF as server and the server port is already used by other one, it will display the new port number in the "server port" edit box instead of showing old one.
- fix a wrong use of Romania sentence.
- after launching sc2, the SF will be minimized automatically.
- fix the game room status of "playing", then it will show "playing" when game is really playing instead of just creating game lobby.
- an interface is added: StarFriend.exe -connect= -version=142, when using this interface, the "server ip", "server port", "client version" will use the 3 params in the interface. and at that time, the change of these 3 values in SF will not be written to the config file. so when you close SF and launch it again without this interface, these 3 values are still your original one.
-there is a 8P map named "high ground" or something like that in your locale. when use this map and the file "(SF_Folder)\ReplaceMap\ReplaceMap.SC2Map" exists, then themap will be replaced. because it is replaced just in client side, so you must make sure all the users are replace the same map. and do not set more players than the max count of the replacing map. for example, the ReplaceMap.SC2Map in the release packet is the GSL daybreak 2.0, it is a 2P map, so do not exceed the limit of 2P map.
- about the 7th change log, you can test normal map first and the rpg map seems need some extra data that we have not finished.
fix the bug that when operating on many units, the command maybe invalid or lost.
-also about the 7th change log, this replacement function is our first step, and we still not consider a good mothed to make sure that all the users have finished replacing map. or do they replace the same map and if someone do not have this map, what to do? so you can make some advice.

0.86 Version:
- fix a bug that may lead crash in 0.85
-When you go to official BN in SF, you can try the function "unlimited channel messages", it broke the limit of the 3 sentense/10 second limit of channel chat. i added this to avoid the case that you type too fast but not allowed to send so you must type it again. but do not abuse it too much because other players may report you so that your account maybe banned for several days or forever.

0.841 Version:
- users can speak fast on the channel, but do not speak too fast xD

0.84 Version:
- some users said that the combox of client version has error, some users must close UAC in win7 or use admin access right in win7 to run SF, you can check whether this version fix this error.
-if you only have the 20M release version of SF but not have the cache file, you can still play the game, but this is not recommended because the cache file is downloaded from internet but the speed of downloading maybe very slow.
-modify something about time. such as local time on right bottom corner and local time on top menu while playing game
-try to resolve the issue when the game is very slow and the FTP are dropped

0.82 Version:
- fixed the bug that when using wrong version of sc2 to login, it will lead some error like try to login in log file and some other error.
- Christmas is coming, i want to say, Merry Christmas, to all the users, testers and donaters. thank you very much for your support.

0.804 Version:
- when someone is lagging, the "waiting for server" window will be displayed and wait for him about 10 seconds, if the network do not recover, the lagging player would be dropped and it will display the player is left in the screen. at this time the waiting windows will not disappear and after a next 10 seconds, the game will resume. if you wait longer than 10 second, there maybe some problems.
- you can try to play map starjewel and aiur chef.

0.803 Version:
- if there is a player lagging, the game will pause to wait for him, then it will display a window showing "waiting server".(the window like official BN that can show who is lagging is still in research). if the player is not lagging, the game will resume. the resume of the game should not be fastened much time but should resume smoothly. PS: those all are out designed behavior, but it maybe different from test result.
- fixed the bug in 0.802 that when one game is finished, the status of player will still be "in-game". maybe there are still small chance to meet it, if you meet it, try to close chat channel and re-open it to see the status.
- the star-jewel map cannot be played now, it has some problems, i guess the aiur map is the same case. left2die maybe good.

0.802 Version:
- fixed the bug may lead disconnection when playing game.
- support for 10 players.

0.801 Version:
- added a chat room in SF, can login without password, create room and chat, if you don't like it, unckeck the option box to disable it.
- modified some GUI.
- modified the network when playing game, the effect is unknown, so i need our test group to test and feel. one thing to mention, besides the original port (like default tcp 1119), the server should open an additional udp port 11119(tcp port number plus 10000), otherwise the client cannot connect to the game lobby.
- there is a limit that there are only 2 people can support now, but support for more players will be extended soon, maybe tomorrow can finish. the main point is the modification of network. you can test 1v1 or 1vAI or 2vsAI.
- do not use old version to connect to this version, it is not compliant.

0.80 Version:
- fix a but in 0.79 that SF will crash sometimes after opened for about 1 minute
- from the log and data from dedicated server, SF have high possibility to crash when the players leave game lobby. so we make some modification. but the result is unknown, maybe better maybe worse.
- modify some wrong use of words in Russian, if there are some other wrong use in some languages, please tell me.

0.79 Version:
- it will display the count of players online when detect the server.
- there will be a menu to exit when SF is mininal to the right bottom and you right click it.
- when copy the ip from SF, it will add the port, for example,, and you can paste ip to SF with or without port.
- some chinese user said they meet the problem that there are advertising popup windows, but i did not meet them, so i just try to modify something but do not know the result.(0.79 is mainly released to see this problem)

0.78 Version:
- use "-min" command line in multi-room.bat can make SF run in minimal mode.
- if there is a new version released, there will be some text in red to inform the users.
- modify the game data same as 1.4.2 then the users can play as 1.4.2.
- if the file needed by the game is missing, there will be a warning saying missing cache file.

0.77 Version:
- when first time to run SF, it will try to get dedicated server list automatically.
- some log are added to make log more clearly.
- background ad is improved to not make any voice or sound of click, it somebody still hear something, tell me.
- there is an inform of new version release added, when there is an newer release, it will display the new download url, but users will see it when 0.78 is released.
- now when minimize the SF, it will be displayed in the right bottom corner in the panel. it is welcome to advise about this fuction, because this function is not so good in some OS, and the menu on it has not be made, maybe it will add a menu to exit next version.

0.76 Version:
- Try to fix the bug that some users cannot launch SC2 from SF, if still some user have problem, tell me.
- Try to fix the bug that there are errors on some pc while produce the Base10074 folder and file for SF on 1.4.X, this error may lead unable to play single mode such as compaign.
- Add the funciton to get dedicated server list. if someone want to join to open dedicated server, tell me to add you to the server list.
- if the server port is used, it will give warning to user that the server has adjusted server port.
- because the data of 1.4.X on 0.73 and 0.74 is not same, but the server cannot differ client of these tow versions, so it will lead data error while playing game, so this 0.76 version cannot accept previews version while playing 1.4.X

0.75 Version:
-the main change of this version is to fix the bug of game data of previews SF on 1.4.X. now the SF on 1.4.1 use some different way to suit for 1.4.1 instead of using the way of 1.3.6. now the 1.4.1 is modified on the base of 1.3.6. it modified the data about balance.
-do not use 0.73 fight with 0.74 because that will cause different game data.

0.73 Version:
- it is recommeded that use the 1.3.6 not 1.4.0 because the later one still has many bugs. we will handle them recently.
- there is a public server of SF in china, that is with tcp 1119 port and 10 lobby, but maybe it is high latency from EU, so not recommended to play on it from EU.
- in the server info, the users can input IP or Domain.
- something about the advertisement has changed. the advertisement will not display in the GUI. and SF will visit some websites at the launch time at background, and after that SF will not visit or refresh any websites.
- the multi-room mode of SF has changed. there is only single room mode in SF and multi room can be realized by launch multiple SF. each SF will find a free port above the basic port. for example, if the first SF listen on port 1119 and the second will listen on 1120 and etc. if you want to lauch multiple SF in a server you can use multi-room.bat, the default lobby count in multi-room.bat is 10, you can edit in "(1,1,10)".(PS: it is not recommeded to use multi-room.bat if your pc is not a pure server while still running many others, because multi-room.bat will launch SF in high-priority mode.)
- you can use "detect server" button to see the status of server. Idle means empty lobby. Waiting means some users in the lobby but not started. Playing means they are playing. Closed means no lobby or lobby died. Double click result will copy it to current setting.

0.71 Version:
- Try to support custom port.
- support the left 2 portraits.
- try to fix the bug that sometimes cannot find the version of the client.
- try to fix the bug that game crash when click the research panel of the science lab in compaign mode
- try to fix the bug that buildings of zerg is 50 more expensive than normal. maybe there are bugs like that, so be care of these bugs.
- do not delete Base19132 even you do not use 1.3.6 again, SF still need it.
- if you used SF for 1.4.0 or above, before use this version, delete Base10140.
- first time you launch game in SF to use 1.4.0 or above, it will take a few extra seconds time, after than it will be normal.
- the 150M 1.4.0 cache file is not used any more so do not download it again, the cache needed is only 1.3.6 cache.

0.70 Version:
- SF will downgrade from 1.4.1 to 1.4.0 to play.
- The multi-language of SF is finished and there will not be ??? to be displayed. Because some words are translated by Google Translation, so if you feel some words are used in wrong way, tell me and i will modify it. and if someone want add any other language to fit to your country, it is also ok and tell me.

0.69 Version:
- make the webpage window not to popup error alert, if it still popup, let me know.
- added another part of portraits, there are 2 portraits in the portrait list not supported.
- there was a bug that if someone offline and another one online as the former charater, the portrait will not change, still the old one. if is fixed.
- fixed the bug the cache download url on the GUI cannot be clicked.
- if the folder of SF contain chinese, it will be error, i guess as well as some non-english string.

PS: i must say sorry to those who translated many languages for me, because some languages will display ??? in the GUI, and i am still finding ways to resolve it. i will try my best.

0.682 Version:
- this is an important point: there was a bug that the bunker of terran can not be salvaged after the 5 seconds count down, so maybe there are bugs like this, so we must test to find it.
- this is also an important point: in my OS, some foreign language cannot be displayed, it will display ????, so i do not know what will display in your OS, let me know the result.
- ad page is added, if it popup automatically, tell me, it is designed not to do that. ad page will open when launch SF, and fater that, i will refresh every 2 hours, but if you change language of SF, it will refresh. it is not designed to do that, but when changing language, the page will disappear and we do not know how to redraw it, so we must refresh it.
- for saving space of screen, we use client option and server option on tab control.
- part of custom portrait is supported.
- when mouse cursor move on the clickable item like URL or Image Button, it will change cursor
- SF can choose 1.3.6 or 1.4.0 of client version(of course your client must contain this version)
- SF can choose the server to support 1.3.6 or 1.4.0
- there some fixed english on GUI, because it is not made multi-language, i will do it soon.
- the REP of SF's 1.4.0 is not compatible with the REP of official BN.

0.68 Version:
- add: support BurningTide map. it support 2 to 6 players. it will arrange team automatically, for example if 2 players start game, it will be 1v1. the map does not support OB.
- add: support the change of game speed, all speed is like BN except the lowest speed, because it is seldom used, so we use it as test mode.
- fix: Left2Die Map can now support 1 player pattern in multi-mode.
- fix: the icon of Alipay is changed for the clear meaning of donation instead of buying.
- fix: the saved username of the SF mode and official BN mode will not affected each other, they will saved independently.

0.67 Version:
- add: support AiurChef map. (the missing file in 0.66 additional cache is added in this version)

0.66 Version:
- add: support Left2Die, StarJeweled map. if you want to use StarJeweled, you should copy the additional cache in this version to your using cache.

PS:3 points to mention

1, if in StarJeweled and have OB player, the "Start Game" button cannot be used, it need the host to input "\gg" in the chat windows of the game lobby. of course the host should confirm the OB and player all in the room. you can talk to them or see the info of the room. and when there are 2 OBs, they cannot talk to each other, they do not know each other. sorry about this bug, but we spend much time on it and cannot spend more. sorry.
2, also in StarJeweled, if one lagged 1 second, there will be a window waiting server, this maybe waiting the laggy player, when he is ok, the game will resume.
3, to support some rpg map, we have much modify, so our dear testers should test to see whether these modify affect the basic multi-mode such as 1v1,2v2. thanks a lot.

0.65 Version:
- fix: while 3v3 or 3vAI, fixed the problem that the OB will be the Obeserver not the Referee.
- fix: while 4v4 or 4vAI, the first OB will display wrong colour of players in the game lobby.
- fix: use another mothed to output to log file so that even server started the log file can be opened and read. but it should be tested that whether this will reduce efficiency and speed.
- add: support the "special" 4P/6P/8P FFA mode. switch to this mode by the menu on right. the "special" means it does not require full count players, you can miss several players. but the base of the missing players would still in game without human control, so that you should check whether you win by your own or you destroyed all the base of missing player.
- add: add some mode of multi-player, we can say that "the second team could miss players while the first team must full", such as 2v1?3v1?3v2?4v1?4v2?4v3
- add: add some mode of Co-operative, we can say that "you could miss some players", such as 1v2AI?1v3AI?2v3AI?1v4AI?2v4AI?3v4AI.

0.64 Version:
- fix: the window to select sc2 folder will set the older folder to the initial folder instead of my computer root folder.
- add: support the 3v3, 4vs4 function. but it has few test so may have many bugs. such as the known problem 9 and 10.
- add: add another button to donate CNY.
- add: in the both sides of the name of player, added a number to display which one the player is, i know it may be ugly, but i will try to improve it.

0.63 Version:
- fix: in the OB screen of 3vsAI, there may have error in display color of players.
- add: support the 4vsAI function.
- add: tow paypal button is added, one for USD and one for CNY. "Donation make SF better".
- add: an auto restart function is added. when it is multi-room mode and the server is started, it will auto restart SF and start server after a crash of internal error (but not including the manually closing SF or alt+F4), this function is for server running SF. and the dump files in the dumpfile folder of SF is useful, users can send it to me, thank you.

0.62 Version:
- fix: fix the bug that when the server is not started, modify the param of server may lead crash of SF.
- add: the OB function is supported now. after 4 players logon into the game hall, the next 2 will be OB player. but YOU MUST use "ob@gl.hf" to logon to be OB player directly. In multi-room mode, it is the same to use (RoomName).ob@gl.hf. there will be a symbol "?" on both sides of the OB player's name.
- fix: in some non-chinese OS, missing a chinese font will lead error in GUI of SF, now i change the default font to see whether this bug still happen.
- add: support the 3vsAI function.

0.61 Version:
- fix: fix the bug that when the server is not started, modify the param of server may lead crash of SF.
- add: the OB function is supported now. after 4 players logon into the game hall, the next 2 will be OB player. but it is recommended to use "ob@gl.hf" to logon to be OB player directly. In multi-room mode, it is the same to use (RoomName).ob@gl.hf. there will be a symbol "?" on both sides of the OB player's name.

0.60 Version:
- fix: it can display score win after 4 player game
- add: Serutan think that we need the multi-room function, so although this function may lead unstable, but i add this in this version. it is refer from 0.44 version and almost same to it except the username is (RoomName).gg@gl.hf. if someone is new to use this function, you can ask someone that used it in 0.44. and use it carefully because it is not stable.
- add: the function of 2vsAI, also this is like that in 0.44. use the menu on right to choose the mode to cooperate vs ai in 4 people map, and choose hard level in right and choose the color and race in center of screen. it is limited that 2vsAI only in 4P map.

0.59 Version:
- fix: it will auto start server in 0.58, i forgot to turn something off, sorry, it is fixed this version.
- fix: program will move to center of the screen after start server.
- add: the function to stop server
- add: tips to help users about the cache download url and logon username and password
- add: the player status in the channel is added to see whether a player is in a game lobby or not.

0.58 Version:
- fixed: Serutan told me his test: only 200ms latency make game very laggy, i simulated the latency and make some modify, but i do not know the result, so if you meet large latency before and can not play, you can test this one and give your feeling.
- added: 2v2 is ok, but there must be many, just be patient and i will fix bug you post. Thanks

0.57 Version:
- fixed: the launch time is not so long.

0.561 Version:
- Because the old encryption tool make SF start so slow, so we change a new tool to protect SF. but it may lead many problems such as whether it is stable or laggy or something else. so this version should be an internal version for test group and test 1 or 2 days to see whether and how much is the bad affect. and i hope this tool's strength not too weak. it is the only and biggest update in this version.

0.56 Version:
- 1v1 Supported
- Multi-Language Supported
- More Maps
- Installation in Few Minutes
- GUI Support
- Latency Fix 1.23 Added
- Color Change Supported

Special things : ( hotkeys (change shortcut on Starcraft 2))
The hot key can be stored now and whatever user character is, it can be used. and the hot key file will be in "My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\888888888" folder and something like replay file will be in "My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\888888888\5-S2-1-8888888" folder. by now, i think there is no need to redirect "My Documents\StarCraft II" folder to SF folder because you can share same config file with official BN.

0.55 Version:
- An edit box is added to setup Max Latency Limit for server, bigger than this value will be rejected.
- fix the bug that when chatting in the channel and game lobby, a empty line will be added every sentence.
- fix the bug that loading progress bar is not work
- it can display News and Homepage in game now
- when exit the game, sometimes there will be a voice and a message box of warning, it did not affect playing, so you can ignore it.
- there is some white space in username and channel name, we cannot remove it all in a short time, so we just reduce the some width of white space.
- the username in game is limited to 18 english char or 6 chinese char or UTF-8 string of 18 bytes, if more, it will be truncated.
- for symmetric, the host in game will be added '?' both sides of the username.
- in some low speed network, the function of WAN IP may cause the extra launch time of SF, it is fixed now and program will not wait the result of WAN IP.
- 1 Player vs 1 AI is added in multi-mode, you can use add-ai bottom in game lobby and then can choose race and hard level.(it is different from 0.44 version, not by the menu on right). and the vs AI in single-mode and multi-mode is not same. single-mode do not need network so it is no lag, but multi-mode need and have some lag.

0.541 Version:
- We have done a little update of your file that allow to have Breaking News and and news on the logon.

0.54 Version:
- Fixed the problem that 0.53 cannot support enUS and enSG client
- a symbol '?' is added behind the name of the host player who can create game
- All official map are supported except RPG map for 1v1.

0.53 Version:
- Now we can play multiplayer in 1v1 on 1 map. The only map that works is Megaton in 1v1... It's a 8 players map.
- Still that special reason, there is a limit that only 2 character can logon to game hall, the other 8 is not finished.
- it is now support client of almost all locale except zhCN, but i have not so much time to have full test on every client, so maybe still some problem.

0.52 Version:
- Fix bug when second player tries to connect and crashes.
- KoKR Support
- although we will concentrate on the multi-mode, we do not forget some other locale client such as ruRU\esES\frFR and so on, we will support these in the future.

0.51 Version:
- Only the main hall works multi-player coming soon!

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