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This page is a guide for setting up StarFriend from scratch. StarFriend allows you to play Starcraft 2 on LAN!


Which version of StarCraft 2?

StarFriend needs an unmodified StarCraft 2 game for it to work (no Razor crack or moving of files, etc).
You can use StarFriend with the retail version. That is, you can use it and still have a legitimate copy registered to your battle.net account without any modification. StarCraft 2's .exe files are not used by StarFriend.
Starfriend works only on Windows XP, Vista, 7, Windows Server 2003 & Windows Server 2008.

Install StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

First you will need to download the official game. You can find links for the installer from the official battle.net website, from the retail DVD, or a proper ISO on your favorite Warez forum.

If you bought StarCraft 2 and own a key, just install the game normally and skip the next section.
Otherwise, read the next section.

Installing a non-legitimate copy

If you don't have a retail key, disconnect your internet before installing.
When the message says you that you don't have internet, just click on the orange square and put in the key for the language of your installation, as follows:


When the game is installed, you can reconnect your internet.

Patch StarCraft 2

Since the relase of 1.5 version of StarCraft 2, you have to patch it manually to 1.4.3 by using the patches below (the newest version 1.5.X is NOT SUPPORTED):

enUS version
enGB version
deDE version
esES version
esMX version
frFR version
itIT version
koKR version
plPL version
ptRB version
ruRU version
zhTW version

Download and install StarFriend

There's a link on the website, and also one from the most current forum thread showing the latest version.
You may have to make a forum account before you can download it.
Download the Starfriend files, and then the cache. (You only need to download the cache once for all updates of Starfriend, unless specifically noted.)

The newest versions of Starfriend also have an auto-installer, which comes with the cache. If you use this, then ignore the following section.

Extracting the downloads and assembling them

Extract the files you have downloaded.
Don't mix the StarCraft 2 folder and the StarFriend folder.
Put the contents of the cache .rar (the folder called "Blizzard Entertainment") into the main StarFriend folder.
The Starfriend main folder should look like this:

  1. StarFriend main folder
  2. The Blizzard Entertainment folder
  3. Battle.net folder
  4. Cache folder


Install Leatrix Latency Fix

Even if you are in LAN, never use StarFriend without the Leatrix Latency Fix installed.
A copy of this is included with the Starfriend download (in the main folder, run the "Install.vbs" file to install it). More recent versions can be found on the Leatrix website.

Starting a server

Launch StarFriend_Client.exe.
The program should automatically detect your Starcraft 2 installation location on first launch. If it doesn't, select it manually.
To start a server—that is, to be the host of you LAN party—click on the server tab.
Before you start, decide whether your server will be roomed or not. Rooms allow different games on the same servers, at the same time. (Note that if the server has a problem all the players will be dropped.)
If you need rooms, you have to enable them. To do that, edit the config.ini file and change EnableMakeRoom=0 to EnableMakeRoom=1. (This is until StarFriend has a rooms toggle on its server tab.)

  • "Your WAN IP" lets you know what it is. Don't worry about this if you're playing LAN.
  • "Server Port" configures the port everyone will need to put in to join. The default is 1119. Remember port forwarding if you plan on hosting through WAN, though it may also be necessary for some LANs depending on the router setup.
  • "Max Latency(ms)" is the latency a user can get to before they are kicked from the server.
  • "Server Version" is the version of Starcraft 2 that the server will be hosted as. By default it detects the latest version.
  • "Start server" launches the server (if it's not already running).
  • "Stop server" stops the server (if it's already running).

In most cases, you just have to press "Start server".
Then go to your Start Menu, type cmd, and press Enter. In the window that comes up, type ipconfig and press Enter. Write down your IP address (it's in the first few lines—the one that is NOT 255.255.255 etc).

Joining a server


Launch StarFriend_Client.exe.
If someone in your LAN has a server running, including yourself, you can now play.
Go to the Client tab.
Put in a player name.
Make sure the StarCraft2 Folder and Client version are correct.
Change the Port to the one the HOST has under their SERVER tab (by default they should both be 1119 anyway).
Change the SERVER IP to what the HOST wrote down in the above section. Unless you are the host, in which case click "IP of my server".
Then press Start Game!

Dedicated (public) server

The list of servers at the top right panel of Starfriend are public dedicated servers. (See picture.) You can always join these if you don't want to play LAN.


Joining these is the same process as the above, except that the IP of the server and the port are given in that list instead of by a LAN host.
Click on a server in the list, and press the "Detect Server" button to get a list of the rooms in it and their specific ports. Some info on each room's lobby or active game also appears.
Double click on the server in the lower box, then click the "Start Game" button.

Logging in

After joining a server correctly, you will get the regular login screen.

If the server is NOT roomed:
Username: gg@gl.hf
Password: gg
For everyone, including host.

If the server IS roomed:
Username: whatyouwant.gg@gl.hf
Password: gg
For everyone, including host.



After joining a server correctly, you will get the regular login screen.

If the server is NOT roomed:
Username: ob@gl.hf
Password: gg
For everyone, including host.

If the server IS roomed:
Username: rooms.ob@gl.hf
Password: gg
For everyone, including host.

If you are correctly connected on the server as observer, you will see ⊙ on each side of your nickname, as shown in the screen on the right.

Problems logging in

If you can log in and the chatroom only has you in it (with ★s around your name) even though multiple players are logged in, you did something wrong in starting or joining the server. The host probably has to forward the ports on their router.

Login order

The order that players log in gives a symbol beside their name.
The number beside your name is also the order of your slot in the game.

Here's an example:
Serutan & Anonymous VS Blizzard & Law

Serutan logs in first, so he will be named ★Serutan★. The ★s mean he will be the game creator.
Anonymous logs in second. He will be named (2)Anonymous(2). The (2)s mean that when Serutan creates a game, when he will invite Anonymous, Anonymous will take slot 2.
Blizzard logs in third. He will be named (3)Blizzard(3).
Law logs in fourth. They will be named (4)Law(4).

Serutan has to create the game. Then, even if he invites them in the order Law, Blizzard, Anonymous, in the actual game they will still be in the slot corresponding to the number in their name.

Playing a Game

The player with ★s should click CREATE GAME under CUSTOM GAME.
Select the map. Only those with stars are available unless you alter the maps (see forums).
Open the chatroom tab and invite the other players to the game one by one. They accept and appear in the game.
Set the options and start the game!


There's only one way to play AI: by creating a custom game and then changing "Game mode" to "Co-op vs AI". This options fills the enemy team with AI.
The AI difficulty is altered in the same panel, under "Mode". All the AI will have the same difficulty.
There is NO option yet for any team with mixed humans and AI. Do not add them manually, this doesn't work. The AI sits there and does nothing.

Available modes

As of this writing, Starfriend currently works with:

  • 1v1
  • 2v1, 3v1, 3v2
  • 4v1, 4v2, 4v3
  • 3v3, 4vs4
  • 4/6/8 FFA

  • 1vs1AI
  • 1v2AI, 1v3AI, 2v3AI
  • 1v4AI, 2v4AI, 3v4AI
  • 4vsAI

To play alone (e.g. campaign), use the solo tab, not the multiplayer tab.

Play custom map

1) Download a custom map

2) Save it into <Starfriend folder>/ReplaceMap/

3) Open starfriend

4) Go to "tips" tab in starfriend

5) Click 'Add map' button

6) Select the map. The map now appears on right

8) Double-click it and wait. It has now a * attached in front of the name.

9) Start server and run game.

10) Open one of these maps in StarCraft II (depending type of map):

  • Novice Blistering Sands (2P)
  • Novice Discord IV (4P)
  • Colony 426 (6P)
  • High Ground (8P)

Also, people you are going to play with should follow steps 1 to 8.

Download a map from Battle.net

1) Play any map on Battle.net

2) Replay the game (to confirm - maybe useless)

After that, you should have the map somewhere in your disk. Congrats !

3) Create an empty directory

4) Add in this directory

- an file named sc2MapExtractor.cmd and put this code in it : http://pastebin.com/MtzAaRHk ( also available here : http://www.battle4sc2.com/phpBB3/starfriend-f3/topic2375-350.html#p19239 )

- MPQEditor.exe from Starfriend directory

6) Launch sc2MapExtractor.cmd

7) If that works, you should see new .sc2map files in /Maps

If not, you should have .s2ma files on /tmpCh. You can open these files with MPQEditor.exe and retrieve the original name of the map in <Your map .s2ma>/enUS.SC2Data/LocalizedData/GameStrings.txt. So rename the <{a..z,0..9}*.s2ma> into <whatever>.sc2map. Save the map into <Starfriend folder>/ReplaceMap/


Edit "-min" command line into multi-room.bat : SF will run in minimal mode.

UPDATE!: StarFriend Beta 0.91 or higher supports the map checking paramater "/m", which in the lobby will check to see if all players have the same map before the game starts, if a player does not have the map, the player will download it.

If you want to launch multiple instances of StarFriend on a server you can use multi-room.bat, the default lobby count in multi-room.bat is 10, you can edit in "(1,1,10)".(PS: it is not recommended to use multi-room.bat if your pc is not a pure server such as a home computer, because multi-room.bat will launch StarFriend in high-priority mode.)


The hot key can be stored now and whatever user character is, it can be used. and the hot key file will be in "My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\888888888" folder and something like replay file will be in "My Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts\888888888\5-S2-1-8888888" folder. by now, i think there is no need to redirect "My Documents\StarCraft II" folder to SF folder because you can share same config file with official BN.

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